The Ch cURL package is a Ch interface to the cURL C library. With the Ch cURL package, all C (or C++) programs using functions from the cURL C library can readily run in Ch interpretively without compilation. It is an ideal solution for teaching and learning URL interaction programming using FTP, FTPS, HTTP, HTTPS, GOPHER, TELNET, DICT, FILE and LDAP.

Release Notes

Ch cURL version 3.0, December 31, 2005
     Modified to work with cURL 7.15.1

Ch cURL version 2.1, December 21, 2005
     Modified Makefile to work with Ch 5.1.0

Ch cURL version 2.0, March 30, 2005
     Recompiled to run on Ch 5.0.1
     Modified package structure

Ch cURL version 1.2, Feb. 28, 2005
     Recompiled to run on Ch 5.0.0

Ch cURL version 1.0, June 18, 2004

Ch cURL version 1.1, September 21, 2004
     Recompiled to run on Ch 4.7.11621

System Requirements

(1) Ch Standard or Professional Edition version or higher
      Ch is free and available for multiple platforms from SoftIntegration at
      Ch Ch cURL is known to work with cURL version 7.15.1
       It may work with earlier versions. This version of Ch cURL will not work
       with cURL version 7.11.1 or below.

Bug Reports or Help

For bug reports or help relating to this package please check out the Ch Yahoo User's Group